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    1977 Dodge Aspen R/T project

    Thread Starter: DCAspen

    I picked up this car back in June and in the process of bringing it back to its former glory due to a the former owner{14 years} of not fixing...

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    76 Sassy Grass Green Volare Ontario Canada

    Thread Starter: 76sassygrassVolare

    We'll as I said on welcome wagon hoping this winter is the time for this project to get back on track . Not a lot to do , blow in sassy grass green...

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    76 aspen se project

    Thread Starter: sjatm941

    ok here it is . the 76 se i bought from a guy in san fran. originally thought just a noise in the rear end turned out to be a bad rear and and a...

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Title: The first day we met.....1979 Plymouth Roadrunner: E58 360 4 barrel, with A/C, console shifter, T-to
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