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Thread: 1980 Roadrunner :: 1980 Plymouth Roadrunner

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  1. General Information
    1980 Roadrunner
    L6M6, A55, A57, B41, C16, D34, E44, R08

    The car has 46,000 miles on it and I drove all of them. I bought it new and it's been stored every winter except the first one. The story behind buying the care is interesting, too. I was working the service desk at Gary Miller Chrysler-Plymouth during 1980 in Erie, PA. I had graduated from college but couldn't find a job due to the recession. Chrysler was in deep trouble financially and I got my @$$ beat daily at the service desk over quality issues and customer paranoia about the company going toes up. The new car sales Mgr., Jerry Nadolny, knew I liked this car. It had been sitting on the lot for a while because nobody wanted it. The thing has a V-8. Mileage concerns scared people away. So Jerry had the car parked right in front of the service bay door where I had to look at it every day. This torture went on for months. Finally in November, I talked my wife to be to come look at the car one Friday night. We drove it and she said OK to buy it. I told Jerry I'd stop by the next day, give him the $500 deposit and fill out the paperwork. I get there the next morning and found out that Jerry sold the car to someone else! I was upset. The reason a sales guy would do this is because the car gets sold to me at dealer invoice. The kid who bought certainly agreed to pay more. Nadolny wasn't around so I went looking for the boss, Mr. Miller. He wasn't around so I went to his #1, Jack Dovishaw and calmly registered my complaint. Jack was very silent and listened to every word and promised to look into it. At this point I had given up any hope of buying the car. The next working day, Monday, Jack comes down stairs to inform me the kids credit app had been somehow "denied" and that I could buy the car. Of course I wasted no time and did it very quickly. When the kid came in, he was really ticked because he had stellar credit. Jack and Gary never admitted to playing games on my behalf but I'm sure they did.

    Year: 1980

    Make: Plymouth

    Model: Volare Roadrunner

    VIN: HL29 GAG 211999

    Fender Tag:
    H42 J88 M25 N98 22
    E56 F18 G01 C02 G67 G77
    EW1 U 3 A57 B41 C16
    EW1 L6M6 000 S20 BS1220
    E44 D32 HL29 GAG 211999

    A55 - Handling and Performance Package - Firm Feel Power Steering, Heavy Duty Shocks and Suspension.
    R08 - Delete AM Radio
    L6M6 - Bucket Seats, Brushed Aluminum Dash Bezel
    C16 - Console
    B41 - Power Front Disc Brakes
    L34 - Halogen Headlamps
    G01 - Rear Window Defroster - Electric

    Standard Volare Roadrunner Equipment:
    Original Spinnaker White Exterior
    Original Red Interior
    Red Pinstripping With Roadrunner Decals
    Red Triangle Spoked Wheels
    Standard 2-Door Hardtop
    Standard 3-Piece Spoiler
    Standard Blacked Out Grill & Headlight Surrounds
    Standard 318 c.i.d. 2-barrel Engine
    Standard A904 Automatic Transmission With Lock-up Converter
    Standard 8 1/4 Rear-End

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    Cool ass car. Thanks for posting. Remember you can come back and add more pictures later on.
    1977 Aspen R/T 318 4 speed..under construction. Please Donate to keep the site secure from hackers.

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    Outstanding ride. I have a soft spot for those '80 Road Runners. Will try to build my garage this weekend.

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    That's one mighty fine looking car you have there!
    1980 roadrunner

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