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  1. It looks like with packing it will come in under 10#. I'll need to make a box for it since it is a strange shape - around 33 x 28 x 6

    I'll take a look at USPS and UPS to get an estimate. With the strange shape UPS may be the way to go.
  2. 821 Long Street, Haines Oregon 97833 Thank you.
  3. Tomorrow I'll get some pictures for you and send them to your email. Once it is out I'll work on getting a box for it - what is your address so I can get a shipping estimate for you?
  4. I've got money available right now if you want to sell that still, either email or call/text 5419625870 thank you
  5. Still interested if you can get to it.
  6. I only have today and tomorrow to make the purchase by the way, after that it would take some time.
  7. I have money right now just need the total amount, if its easier message or call 1-541-962-5870 or email
  8. Awesome, did it sit on throttle body or a 4bbl? And could you figure shipping to (821 Long Street, Haines Oregon 97833) and let me know what the total would be, thank you
  9. Hi - yes I still have the base. Ron
  10. Is your Shaker base available still?
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