oil pan gasket 1977 plymouth volare 318

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hi guys well i have a 1977 plymouth volare wagon 318 and my question is my engine oil pan is leaking , so bought a new one try to install the new one no way there is no clearence or space to put the new one in , when i put the oil pan in the gasket the half rounds fell in to the oil pan any suggestions will be much apreciated................thanks in advance


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    You may want to post your question in the regular forums. Not many will see it here.

    Not sure how you're going about installing the pan but, the steering center link needs to come out and you may need to loosen the engine mount bolts and jack it up for clearance to the k-frame.

    I'm drawing a blank on a small block pan gasket right now (big block guy) but it's two side gaskets and the two end seals, yes? I'd suggest making sure the surfaces are good and clean and then use adhesive to sort of "glue" the rubber half moon seals to the pan along with the side gaskets also. There should be rubber "pegs" on the end seals that get pulled through holes in the pan to help keep them in place too. I may be misunderstanding your question but hope this helps a little.