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Hi guys
My name is jackus. Just joined the group. I own and drive a 1953 Ford F100. Have a 1976 Aspen independent front suspension.
Question? The steering is getting a little sloppy. I have replace the gear box with a refurbished one. Replaced tie rod ends and all sway bar bushings. My question is. Is there a way to put rack and pinion steering on it?


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    Jackus (I think I know you from another site, NSMC). You may want to post this in one of the forum sections instead of "blog". Much better chance of people seeing it there.

    I don't know of any practical way to put rack and pinion on. I suppose it could be done but it would be all custom fabrication work. The next best thing is either a Borgeson box, which is pretty much a bolt in (I think it needs a shaft adapter coupling and MAYBE p.s. line mods), or a Firm Feel Stage 2 or Stage 3 box ( a direct bolt in). The Firm Feel ones eliminate the vast majority of the slop and vague road feel. I've a Stage 2 on my Aspen and it made all the difference in the world. You mentioned you have a refurbished box (like from the parts store?). The rebuild quality of those are pretty bad and, even if it's done perfectly, still only as good as stock which wasn't really all that good. Brand new they had a huge on center dead spot and road feel is slim.

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    Thought I recognized you! There is an NSMC group on Facebook but, for more than one reason (not the group of course!) I deleted my FB acct a few months ago. Expressing a conservative view, backed up with proven facts is apparently considered hate speech, which put me in FB jail twice (there was no hate or anything close that I ever posted) and the 2nd time I said "screw it, I'm out of here". Best thing I ever did! Miss the guys in the NSMC group but, what are you going to do?

    Anyways,,,, check the link for Firm Feel for details. What they do is, machine the case for roller bearings instead of plain bushings, or in newer boxes, no bushings at all. The they put in "firmer" reaction springs to minimize the slop as well as improve road feel. It also reduces the amount of power assist. Stage 3 is a firmer version of Stage 2 (they also have Stage 1). The best thing to do is call them and tell them what you have and how it's used, and they'll recommend one or the other. Great people there at that place. They also have other F-body suspension parts, even t-bars and they are a Mopar only outfit that deals with A, B, E, F, M and J bodies.