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New 01-08, 10:01
What's going on with 2022 bringing Winter with it? I didn't see THAT in the terms and conditions...
New 12-31, 19:34
Yes Sir it is! Good Riddance '21 bit I want to see the Terms and Conditions on 2022 before agreeing!
New 12-30, 16:42
The new year is almost here!
New 12-24, 16:06
Happy Christmas Eve Everyone! Make sure you're tucked in your beds before Santa comes tonight!
New 12-23, 16:47
The days are guna start getting longer!
New 12-20, 18:13
Just so you don't forget Tomorrow, the next, and the following day, are the Shortest Days of the Year. The sun will be staying out longer after that!
New 12-20, 18:11
New 12-15, 12:50
I still like the jello/graham cracker crust CC as much or better than an expensive cheesecake. Of course ANY pie is great!
New 12-07, 20:34
New 12-06, 19:36
I would give anything right now for some CHEESCAKE!
New 11-25, 11:26
And Pie! Everybody Loves PIE!
New 11-25, 11:20
New 11-19, 18:28
5 o'clock? Good stuff! No Hockey here Kent. Not even on TV. All we get here for under $100 month is Grit, Quest, MeTV, CW, ION, and a bunch of commercials for Medicare, Pharmaceuticals, or suing the Pharma companies for their deadly products..
New 11-12, 08:02
I never know if to say Happy, with Veterans Day, so thank you to those who've served.
New 11-08, 19:14
Yep sure is dark ! Seems like its 11pm before the news is over. Must be a hockey game on tonight here soon??
New 11-08, 07:39
Well the first day has now passed for the year where I realized it was already dark in the afternoon and I was almost ready for bed before prime time TV.
New 11-06, 11:08
Pretty sure Winter would be easier to tolerate if we just stayed on Daylight time year round and it never got dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.
New 11-06, 11:06
That time of year again. Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!
New 10-31, 09:19
New 10-09, 18:51
That's how we do.. how we do..
New 10-07, 16:46
She my Alabama slamma, she my Dixieland Delight...
New 10-05, 17:03
Bougie like Natty, in the Styrofoam, she'll be squeakin in the truck bed alla way home...
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New 06-11, 17:53
I always wanted to go to the gathering when I lived in OH, hate that I missed it!!!!!
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