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New 08-02, 09:28
Well just my luck jegs sent me one that does not work so if you guys have those part numbers I would appreciate it
New 07-22, 06:25
New 07-22, 06:24
Ok nice I have been talking to jets and they are saying that a Jeep 3 cre is the closest thing they can find so I’ll definitely look up what you have in yours ty
New 07-21, 19:38
I do, let me dig up the paperwork - ordered it from Summit
New 07-21, 16:03
O nice do you have a part number
New 07-21, 14:33
S/s -- I've always used Griffin 3" three core aluminum with good results
New 07-20, 05:04
What Radiator do you guys use for your aspen 408 530 hp any help would be great
New 07-20, 05:02
Thank you for the info rattle trap
New 07-11, 08:13
Hope everybody at Carlisle is having a Great Time!
New 07-09, 21:32
can`t go this year. enjoy
New 07-09, 11:47
I took Friday off, going to Carlisle, hopefully see some of you there
New 07-05, 10:00
Hope everybody had a great Independence Day!
New 06-26, 14:07
86 or older M-body. There's no reproduction part for another vehicle that's very close and nothing else looks the same either.
New 06-26, 08:17
What floor pan would be close to the 76 roadrunner pan
New 06-10, 16:40
What? It's Wednesday!
New 06-02, 09:29
tuesday here
New 05-30, 19:21
It's Saturday!!!!
New 05-22, 12:50
yes, i did
New 05-15, 07:10
HOORAY IT'S FRIDAY! Did you notice?
New 05-08, 07:14
I went to IGA this morning and when I was at the checkout she said "have a nice weekend, it is the weekend right??" We both had to think for a minute....
New 04-21, 07:46
today is tuesday.............or is it friday?
New 04-20, 09:06
Is today Monday or is it Wednesday? LOL!
New 04-19, 10:12
Every day seems to have become Monday or Wednesday in my world...
New 04-17, 00:28
I sure am glad my cell phone has the date on it. I have to start with that to figure out what day it is. Wednesday's are the only day that links us to the outside world because it's trash to the curb day. Coronavirus 2020... somewhere
New 04-16, 23:09
Look I don't know what overnight delivery is costing you, but SAVE IT! Stop Sending that Stuff my way!
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