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New 12-24, 14:34
Merry Christmas
New 12-23, 16:57
Before things get too busy - I wanted to wish my extended F-body family a Safe and Very Merry Christmas!!!!
New 11-26, 11:45
New 11-21, 20:05
New 10-22, 14:53
Welcome to the site NLM! This is the place to be to help with your project.
New 10-11, 00:29
Howdy new to the forum! I will have a ton of questions but just happy to be here, I own bot a 79 aspen RT and a 79 Volare duster t-top, gonna need help finding stuff!
New 08-02, 09:28
Well just my luck jegs sent me one that does not work so if you guys have those part numbers I would appreciate it
New 07-22, 06:25
New 07-22, 06:24
Ok nice I have been talking to jets and they are saying that a Jeep 3 cre is the closest thing they can find so I’ll definitely look up what you have in yours ty
New 07-21, 19:38
I do, let me dig up the paperwork - ordered it from Summit
New 07-21, 16:03
O nice do you have a part number
New 07-21, 14:33
S/s -- I've always used Griffin 3" three core aluminum with good results
New 07-20, 05:04
What Radiator do you guys use for your aspen 408 530 hp any help would be great
New 07-20, 05:02
Thank you for the info rattle trap
New 07-11, 08:13
Hope everybody at Carlisle is having a Great Time!
New 07-09, 21:32
can`t go this year. enjoy
New 07-09, 11:47
I took Friday off, going to Carlisle, hopefully see some of you there
New 07-05, 10:00
Hope everybody had a great Independence Day!
New 06-26, 14:07
86 or older M-body. There's no reproduction part for another vehicle that's very close and nothing else looks the same either.
New 06-26, 08:17
What floor pan would be close to the 76 roadrunner pan
New 06-10, 16:40
What? It's Wednesday!
New 06-02, 09:29
tuesday here
New 05-30, 19:21
It's Saturday!!!!
New 05-22, 12:50
yes, i did
New 05-15, 07:10
HOORAY IT'S FRIDAY! Did you notice?
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