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New 06-11, 17:53
I always wanted to go to the gathering when I lived in OH, hate that I missed it!!!!!
New 05-28, 06:04
One of these years I got to plan a way to get out to Tim's to join that event
New 05-24, 19:20
The family atmosphere it a good part of what makes Tim's Get Together such an attraction. Hopefully somebody posts some of the pix they took.
New 05-24, 15:39
Yes, yes, yes the get together was fantastic. I didn't get my head screwed on properly and didn't take any pictures either. Maybe next time. It was great to see a good group there including the better halves.
New 05-24, 10:28
Well guys, the 5th annual springtime Jonesy's Junction Get Together was GREAT as always! Wish I'd taken pix. But was just enjoying visiting with everybody.
New 05-21, 17:42
Jonesy's! We'll be there! Blue on Blue and company. Matt and Walt. Lots of folks it seems!
New 05-20, 10:24
Who from here is going to Jonesy's Junction this Sunday?
New 05-03, 12:10
How do I make a post on this website I’m new to the forum
New 04-04, 06:36
Happy Easter everyone, God Bless.
New 04-01, 17:57
Everything is looking good now! Thanks Rattle!
New 04-01, 15:59