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New 05-22, 12:50
yes, i did
New 05-15, 07:10
HOORAY IT'S FRIDAY! Did you notice?
New 05-08, 07:14
I went to IGA this morning and when I was at the checkout she said "have a nice weekend, it is the weekend right??" We both had to think for a minute....
New 04-21, 07:46
today is tuesday.............or is it friday?
New 04-20, 09:06
Is today Monday or is it Wednesday? LOL!
New 04-19, 10:12
Every day seems to have become Monday or Wednesday in my world...
New 04-17, 00:28
I sure am glad my cell phone has the date on it. I have to start with that to figure out what day it is. Wednesday's are the only day that links us to the outside world because it's trash to the curb day. Coronavirus 2020... somewhere
New 04-16, 23:09
Look I don't know what overnight delivery is costing you, but SAVE IT! Stop Sending that Stuff my way!
New 04-16, 23:08
I went to bed last night with snow on my car and it blew away but there was Frost on EVERYTHING when I woke at first light!
New 04-15, 09:21
Had light frost and heard you're sending that mess our way later this week. I always say, Middle of April.
New 04-15, 07:16
Hump day! Can you beleive it may snow some today or tomorrow in the general St. Louis area? Crazy and cold.
New 04-13, 09:31
Felt like a Wednesday all weekend, but I'm pretty sure this is a Monday.
New 04-10, 19:10
Every day seems to have a socially distancing Beer evening anymore. It feels like today might as well be Wednesday.
New 04-07, 18:46
Happy socially distancing national beer day!
New 03-27, 14:20
stay safe all
New 01-01, 12:35
Happy and prosperous New Year to all!
New 12-25, 18:22
Merry Christmas RT! Hope your haveing a great day!
New 12-25, 11:04
Merry Christmas to all!
New 12-23, 18:33
Today is a Good Day and Everybody Else are the Turkeys!
New 12-19, 09:57
Today is another Turkey Day
New 11-28, 09:55
New 11-27, 19:27
Question: Anybody out theere know where I might find a factory correct reaqr spoiler for a 1977 Aspen? happy thanksgiving to all
New 11-14, 21:42
Hey is dragonbyte still a member I would like to know more about the gauge cluster he made
New 11-09, 10:06
Ok thanks rattle trap
New 10-27, 18:22
But you gota remember, the 70's rubber may have been more pliable but is now junk for a reason. All 70's polymers were junk as soon as the EPA started getting involved, and it's just gotten worse since.
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