Did my quarterly vacuum cap replacement. Sorted the other vacuum hose leaks. Carb was still misbehaving for unknown reasons, in that nothing else has changed since it was working.

It has always tried to be very lean at high speed cruise with WOT and idle set correctly. Lately it started leaning out at WOT compared to normal especially in one bank. All this is my fault from modifying the carb. I finally felt like I understand the BBD solid fuel enough to correct it. I don't have a collection of orifices, but I have a few extra metering rods. So I turned 1 to 2 thousandths off my rods depending on the length position and the AFRs moved just as much as I wanted. It is still more lean in one bank than the other, but the numbers are much better at high speed low load and WOT. The lean bank only happens at less than 6 inches, and this carb won't go lower than 4 inches so I figure it is the throttle shaft that is in desperate need of boring and bushing as the throttle butterfly doesn't move much in that last bit and nothing else around the engine is really changing in that range.

I also disabled the choke since it has been giving no end of trouble with the crossover blocked up and parts no longer available for the electric heater.

If the intake comes off, then it's going in the junk and there will be a rebuild rather than cleaning out the crossover.