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    I mentioned this in the "What did you do to your F" thread, the bad tire wear and drift to the right while driving looks to be the upper control arm mounting brackets "relaxing" a bit on the k-frame. A preliminary check using a level with a pair of bolts attached to go against the lip of the wheel shows about 1/4" gap (with the level held plumb) on the left and roughly half that on the right. Explains the drift to the right. A tape across the tire tread shows at LEAST 1/2" toe out. Hardly an accurate way of measuring alignment but close enough to know something is amiss. When camber changes, so does toe. I can visually see the toe out by just eyeballing it it's bad enough.

    Looks like I'll need to go with the old Chrysler TSB fix and make spacer shims to go under the brackets. When I lined it up in 2013 (about 3,000 miles ago) the camber was dead nuts and I put as much caster in as possible (around 3.50 degrees) while keeping camber correct.

    Now, the severe brake pull to the right will take some digging and diagnosing. It pulled right when braking a bit for a long time but I got used to it and never thought to look into it. When I took the regular replacement pads out and put in EBC yellow stuff pads for better stopping power with manual brakes, the pull got really bad. Bad enough the car isn't safe to drive so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's down for the season which is basically over anyways.

    Tires with 3,000 or so miles on them. Definitely there's a problem, lol.
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