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Thread: Aspen off season projects

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    Aspen off season projects

    Started this in the "what did you do to your f today" but figured may as well bore everyone with a separate thread.

    First project is to once and for all (hopefully) fix that darn rear seal area oil leak. Have had it apart probably 4 times in the past 3 years. Never leaks from "normal" city type driving, only after driving on the highway at 55-70 mph. Then it'l leave a nickle to quarter size spot on the ground.

    Anyways,,,,,,,,,after removing the fan, shroud, belts and crank pulley, the front 4 pan bolts come out. Then underneath to drop the center link, take the converter shield off and then the pan slides out with no room to spare.

    Found there's no oil on the backside of the seal retainer, the seal itself or on the flex plate or converter. Very little inside the bellhousing also. It appears the oil is leaking past the seal retainer bolts. The pan gasket doesn't quite cover the counterbores for the bolts and that's where the biggest evidence of oil was. The bolt holes are open to the crankase (not blind) and oil could come past the threads OR, it gets in between the retainer and block and then comes down the bolt bolt holes.

    Waiting for the new parts to come from Mancini and then,,,,,,,,,,put it all back together. Won't know if it's good or not until next spring, or more likely sometime in May,,,,,,,,,or June
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