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Thread: 77 Aspen SE Sedan Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattle Trap View Post
    Hey Walt! Sounds like you've done some pretty extensive work already. We ran into the boys down at the Nats. Hopefully you guys will have the car there next year. I've seen the clip # you need on ebay sometimes. You may have to ask sellers if they offer that one if not currently listed. Get a batch made up for you. Personally I use about half good ones, and 3M dbl sided tape on the ones between with broken horns to stick em right to the back of the trim. I've got one running like that for 5yrs now. It's spent whole days on interstates at 75mph and the trim is still tight.
    I thought about the double stick tape idea , just concerned if I ever needed to to take the trim back of that I would destroy it in the process . I guess I will weigh the options awhile , I still got to do some work on the front fenders and get the front end put back together , hood back on and so forth. Working nights and weekends on this project ,I still got some time ahead of me yet .

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    Need to get Matt out there and busy helping. Show him how to form fender patches then let him struggle with the Bondo for a while. I can't even think of what it must have cost my old man in time and materials for me.
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