So I bought this car about 17 years ago. It was sitting on a lot with flat worn out tires, dirty and a hole where the drivers floor pan should have been, rug all rotted out and wires hanging out of the dash. You know, how we usually find these cars. Took it home and got it running with a 360 and Trans I had laying around. Took a good sized box worth of wiring, fans , amps, relays and untold junk out the car everywhere. So I drive it for a couple years and get tired of not being able to find parts for it and park it under a tree thinking I will get back to it later. Five years later I wonder over and start looking at the car. It's full of water, mold, mouse crap, and the headliner fallen in. I very nearly took it to the dump. Instead I had some time off so I worked on this thing for 17 days straight pulling it apart and cleaning and rewiring again. Replaced the drivers floor pan and some patching on the rest. I fiber glassed the head liner and lined it with interior cloth. Bought a new carb, tires and wheels and hauled it a 100km to get exhaust on it. New distributer and ignition parts. New rad and fuel tank. Been driving it for many years since. Put a 4 speed in it 3 years ago and love it. Now I have all the spare body parts gathered up to fix it all, doors, fenders hood, trunk lid, and quarter panels off a nice straight 1980 that was hit hard on passenger front when it was only a few years old. Just need to tear it down and do it. I was thinking off selling it and buying a finished car of some flavor but this thing has been with me so long it's part of my identity. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. lol. Good luck with yours!