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Thread: LED conversion

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    LED conversion

    A considerable time ago I converted my non-flashing lights to LED.

    I finally decided to go ahead with the rest of the conversion. The turn blinker and hazard blinker are separate but identical in my car so I sent away for the needed LED bulbs and a pair of two prong LED ready blinker modules.

    Late this evening the weather cleared up enough to make it safe to go outside and work on it.

    Everything went well until testing time. Hazards blinked just fine, turns were solid on. I swapped the blinkers thinking I had one DOA. Still hazards ok, turns solid.
    Tried the OE blinkers in each socket same thing except the tempo is wrong because of the LEDs.

    After a bunch of google and head scratching I tested the sockets for voltage and ground. It seems my sockets were reverse polarity of eachother. I'm glad I didn't blow up both of my new blinkers testing things...

    So I pulled the fuse box and de-pinned the turn signal blinker socket and put it back reverse polarity to how it was.

    Everything back together and everything works as it should. Yay!!

    I've heard rumors that someone makes a little wiring pigtail to reverse polarity like this, but it seemed cleaner to do it in the panel directly.

    Anyone converting who finds weird behaviour would do well to check their sockets for expected pinout.

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    Glad you got it solved. That kinda stuff can drive me crazy at times.

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