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Thread: NOS F Body Exterior Trim

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    NOS F Body Exterior Trim

    Anybody out there need exterior trim for your car? HELLO!!!

    It seems not but I believe some of you actually do. I have lots of moldings for the hood, fender front edge, headlamp surround bezels, nameplates, side moldings, etc.

    I have other NOS and used parts (drivetrain, interior, electrical etc.) for these cars also.

    I want to sell some of this before I die (I'm not planning on this soon but hey who knows an asteroid could whack me) and will cut you a deal if you buy a bunch of it.

    to see what I have.................

    for a YEAR search put in:



    H,N (=F Body)

    that will show what I have, and what they fit.

    parts that fit a wide variety of models (mechanical parts, etc.) will not show up unless they only fit an F Body

    mkolner14@hotmail or 480 966 6683 is best
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