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1980 plymouth volare

chrysler corporation

8/1/1979 - 8/1/1979
chrysler corporation
service brakes, hydraulic:foundation components:hoses, lines/piping, and fittings

the front brake hose routing on the involved vehicles may allow interference between the hoses and the front tires during extreme turning angles.

Special brake hose restraining straps will be installed on each involved vehicle to relocate both front hoses and ensure that adequate hose to tire clearance is maintained.
Vehicle description: Passenger vehicles.system: Service brakes; brake hoses.consequences of defect: Abrasion resulting from such interference could causehose failure, loss of front braking capability and an accident.note: The instrument panel light provides warning of partial brake failure.
Sounds like they didn't get the new rear hose design from the shorter lines exactly right the first time. Oh Kevin... What does the Master know about this?