That's the reason I (and everyone else) have water problems this year, unusually high precip. With the 5 feet of snow, most of it coming in February and early March, combined with deep frost levels, because it got VERY cold and stayed that way with little to no snow cover and then,,,,,,,last month getting a crap load of rain on the snow, followed again by below zero seemingly forever (which made ice 6" thick under the snow). Then, a few nights ago the 2 1/2" of rain on still frozen ground, covered in ice, followed by above freezing temps and mass snow melt, well................... The water can't soak in and the thick ice creates dams so the water can't go anywhere. Recipe for disaster.

On the up side, didn't have any roof problems. Can't say that for a lot of people though. Lost track of how many roof collapses I heard about this year. Mostly barns and outbuilding in the country but also garages, houses, factories, businesses, schools, municipal buildings, etc. I'm just SO glad it's coming to an end, at least in theory. I mean snow, the melting will still cause all sorts of grief. I'm smart enough to not bother moving the snowblower back into the storage shed yet, or the shovels either. This isn't my first Wisconsin winter rodeo!