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Thread: Well this certainly sucks the big one....

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    Well this certainly sucks the big one....

    We got 2 1/2" of rain last night and with all the ice and snow, the water can't go anywhere. My back driveway has a drain except it's under who knows how much ice. I tried to keep it clear all winter but lost the battle a month ago.

    Walked out to the garage this morning before work when it was still dark. The drive and walkway slope downhill a ways then back up (but looks like not enough) Didn't bother to turn the lights on and as I got halfway out there, splash, wet feet. Damn water was up to my ankles almost. Got a bad feeling when opening the storm door to the garage made a wake. Once inside, son of a......................Kind of sucked all the spirit out of me. Came home early today and chopped, dug and chiseled a path for the water to sort of drain into the yard next to the garage and then stood there with a squeegee for what seemed like an hour, pushing the water away. Once the level was lower than the garage door, went in and opened it up. Water gushed out like a river. Squeegeed as much as I could and have a big fan running full tilt right now. Still need to move everything along the walls and get that water out. Nothing expensive got wet but things in cardboard boxes,,,,,well,,,,,you know what cardboard does with water, soaks it up like a sponge.

    First time ever I got more than just a little by the entrance door (usually only in a really heavy downpour). I guess, looking on the bright side, it was clear, clean water and now the floor is a lot cleaner as well, at least as far as the water went. Fortunately, the garage floor slopes towards the door (as per code) and the front is about 4" higher than the door end.

    Now I just have to keep an eye on the water level the next couple days and hope for the best. Better yet, going to go out to Menard's this evening and see about buying a pump, if they have any left now that is.
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