I did my first stainless TIG weld for the exhaust tonight. It's not the best looking weld in the world, but it should do.

I think I have all the major parts on hand now. It will take a long time with all this stuff at the rate I work on things.

All told I have headers, header adapters, O2 bungs, flexis, CATs, xpipe parts, resonators, straight through mufflers, over axle kit, a ton of flanges to bolt all that together, lots of gaskets, although I have to replace the header gaskets, and I still need some kind of hardware for the hangers.

Once I get some of the basic welding done I can get under the car and figure out the fit and position of the rest.

I've never done this level of exhaust work before. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew...