I'm making this post basically just to share whatever we are thinking today. No rhyme or reason, just what's on your mind.

So I'll start with knowing we all hate when a tool gets misplaced or worse yet, worn out or broken. I tend to buy two of most things. Because as hard as I try, I will stupidly set one down someplace it doesn't belong and don't feel like looking for it just that minute. And if I do break it, it's not the end of the project for an hour while I run to town, if I had an hour to spare even. So when something I don't have two of gets misplaced, that really peeves me off. I try so hard not to do that. Not just where did I set it down, where the hell did it go? I've looked all over this place all week! Sure I've got Three other tools that could do the job, and I used one at the time and even put it away where it belongs promptly. But WHERE IS IT? So the tool in question this week is a lineman pliers with wire stripper. Alright, yeah, surely we all have wire strippers and cutters, but I like that particular one and wanted to use it and it's gone. So I figured that I'd buy a 2nd pair in town yesterday. I goes to Menard's and they've got lineman pliers in the tool department. Half way across the store they've got strippers in electrical. But no combo tool? What is this crap? So's I goes over to Home DePotty. Same Deal! WHAT? You must be kidding me. Now I have to buy two different tools? There's no combination tool? Well, I'm going across the street to Walmart. I bet they have something since these jokers don't. Aaand it's the same deal over there too. Now I'm really ticked. So my pliers are gone and I can't seem to replace them until they decide to claim their win at the hide and seek game. So I guess I'll try Harbor Freight after work tomorrow since that's way over the other direction and I'm not going anywhere near there unless I actually have to. I make that stupid drive five days a week, not doing it on a weekend too. Has anybody seen where I laid those stupid pliers?