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    Oh, well that's just awesome.... yeah the world is full of stupid people. Doesn't matter if they're the one's who go to work sjck, won't go to work, or think a mutable virus like this isn't endemic and can be "conquered". So much stupid its hard to fathom. And now that it's in the animal population, what comes next? Will we be spraying an aerosolized vaccine over the whole world? Gee that sounds like a safe bet. Let's add the people "in charge" of solutions to the list of stupid. We just won't talk about how it getting back into animals where it supposedly started is more likely evil genius and plays into Gates plan to force people off eating meat. Next up, global famine....

    Anyhow on the bright side. You just bought a 90 day reprieve from any Hitlerian mandates currently winding themselves thru the back and forth processes of corrupt establishments. You won't even have to pin the yellow star back to your lapel until that time is over. Hang in there.
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