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    WHAT kind of Project?

    A Full Custom Radical Mustang.


    So this is me giving notice that no matter what else you enjoy, for so long as I own this website you're welcome to post any project that you're working on.

    Yep. I came to hate what a Mopar Purist I've become about cosmetic appearances and need to let some creativity out. I cannot possibly change how I feel about our cars and how they should look if I own them. Not to say that I don't have the utmost respect for those who modify appearances, but I just can't do it myself. So I chose the creative subject to be a car like the one which introduced me to how cool our F-bodies truly are. It was a Wicked Cobra-II that an older high school guy was washing in his back yard as I passed on my bike one day that led me to see what he was doing and discover the Awesome 77 Superpak t-bar Roadrunner sitting next to it. That Roadrunner shaped my life thru other cars, and I did own that one too a few years later. I've never been without a performance variant F-body at any time in my life since my first. I've always concentrated on the 360 cars. But I've never had one of the cars that introduced me to them. After nearly four years of a friend sending me pix and links from around the eastern half of the country we finally found the perfect one priced right. Solid but not so much I'd feel guilty. Clean and not a headache to start on my journey with. Filthy and not priced at the 2X it could have been with a simple bath and very little more work. You gota Love a flipper who is content to take his cut and keep moving while leaving enough $ on the table for the next guy to make those moves.

    So you've got that it's a Cobra-ii. Specifics are that it's a spring 77 black and gold with the blacked out trim and Deluxe door panels only typical to those. A non matching earlier 302 dressed in 60's performance goodies. 4spd, of Course! (for now) cuz it's a Rad4 that won't take my plans for long. No frills or extra stuff that I've come to enjoy so much in my Mopars. Just a bare bones platform to modify. And it was also a previously restored car that had been neglected while the P'PO raised a family long enough to realize it wouldn't last til he got back around to it. Once again, back to it's solid condition. Being due to great care at least during most of it's life before it stopped being subjected to the rigors of duty.

    I've got a ton of pix of as delivered out of the NY PA NJ border area for less than I could have made the round trip at this time of year last year, and the excrutiatingly slow work and mods so far. But I'll begin with that and also a few teases of what's going on in making it mine. And the ultimate expression of Mustang Heritage combining old and new cues.
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