Been offline for awhile but figured I would share what I've been working on for the past year. Hopefully it let's me load pictures.

I started by finding rot free 80 Coupe 30 mins from the house. Surprisingly for a Michigan car it was in remarkable with underneath still have 98% of the factory paint underneath and the outside paint was comparable to are new daily drivers. Truly a chance of a lifetime find despite it being the most basic of the base models. The previous owner was nice enough to throw in Schumaker motor mounts and a 8 1/4 Suregrip with 3.55s for the purchase price. I gave it a early Super Pac treatment and jacked the rear end high in the air to accommodate for the 295/50/15s. I sourced a 1977 360 from a local friend to throw in it and a lockup 904 from another local. I then replaced the base model interior with a 79-80 highland interior complete with center console and a b&m rachet shifter. Had a fun summer with it last year till I nuked the transmission doing burnouts. I then had a Reverse Manual Vavlebody 904 Built to accommodate any future modifications. I plan on adding Early Aspen R/T stripes this year and putting my new leafs springs on.