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Thread: 76/77 Aspen R/T emblem

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    76/77 Aspen R/T emblem

    Guys if anyone has an original emblem I could borrow to scan for color purposes let me know I made some based off one a member had made i altered the colors based off of pics the material is thinner so it can be bent it is dye sub so it won't fade or crack the one on the left is the one another member had made
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    Are these foil stamped like the originals? That's what we wanted. But could only find a company willing and able to make a medallion. I used to have the dimensional pic and one of a pair of nos foil pieces stored on my Fb page but of course several scrolls through every photo I have online shows they and a few others have been deleted, and not by me. That's what I hate most about that platform. Random archival material just vanishes. But anyhow... If you based yours on those they should be 100%, because those were.

    So maybe it's best to describe how they should be. The coating on the originals was very thin over the aluminum surface, giving a metallic look to both the black and the red. you were literally looking right thru it from new. You'll either need to thin your coating or add metallic to get the correct appearance. I'll get you a pic of nos today for a visual reference since I've no idea where the card with with the old pix is atm.
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