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    Here's one I finished this week.

    Customized the 66 Wildcat body in 1987 when this Customizing Series reissue came out. But I put it back in the box, not liking my options to finish it at the time. I wanted something that hadn't been done yet back then and didn't know how to do it. I didn't want a traditional custom. I wanted a Modern/ Classic/ Custom.

    I opened the box to rob some parts for another current build at Christmas time and seeing my custom work, finally found the inspiration for the build. Opened a different tub and grabbed a Z06 kit out for it's goodies. Still never built a Corvette. But I always buy them to part out and have a pretty good sized junkyard of them. They really make good parts cars.

    Lengthened the wheelbase and rear chassis. Wheels from a Lamborghini Diablo diecast also fitting the Z06 period got shaved inside mountings to fit with the chassis and I made axle tubes out of sprue for the front spindles and to the transaxle for them since the Vette kit literally didn't come with any rear half shafts.

    Married the sides and rear of Buick interior tub to the Vette front and bottom. Added the Vettes modern conveniences inside. Lower door panels with power controls and speakers, console center stack fitted into the 66 dash. Behind the console lid the torque tube is sheet styrene sides with a piece of spray can lid for top and the rise into back seat area making room for the rear mounted transaxle is a piece of 1/2" PVC cut and shaved to fit between Recaro seats that I grafted in place of the Buick rear seat. Then I added Recaro's in the front too for a 2+2 matched seat set. They're all modified from another 80's kit I parted out 2 of in the day.

    The body stayed completely true to my original work. Only had to sand a few spots again and the hood had bowed up in the center from the putty I'd used back then to smooth in the under bracing rather than sanding it off. Had to rebuild the front lip to make the middle sit on the grille again and that was it. I really like the bulged center much more than the original flatter hood and am glad it did that for me in the years it spent in the box. If you know the kit, you know what's been changed and that it isn't just adding the custom kit bits either. Although the only exterior part used not from the kit is the front spoiler that was cut down from the 70 Impala with the ends swapped to fit the custom Buick nose.

    I paid homage to the 80's Buicks that were current when I started this one with the paint theme, although it wasn't my intent to do that at first. Just ended up going in that direction with the Black Chrome Rustoleum base becoming the topcoat. Gloss black trim. There's actually 4 different blacks outside. Even more different greys in the interior to match that GN theme. All in an early 00's build style as we now know it, marking the half way point to finishing this build.

    Really happy to put this one on my shelf finally.
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