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Thread: Wanted to Buy !!!! Aspen R/t , Volare Roadrunner , Super Coupe

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    Wanted to Buy !!!! Aspen R/t , Volare Roadrunner , Super Coupe

    Hey Guys ! Looking for a Aspen R/T , Volare Roadrunner , or Super Coupe im in Arizona , I have a decent pile of cash. Lmk what you have ! Thanks Again !!!!!

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    Just sold the only nice and also rare one I had in my collection of incredible rarities. All the rest are investment cars requiring finding the parts to restore body rust without any aftermarket support. Each has a reason for continuing to exist despite their issues not leading them to a crusher somewhere. But each also would need a full restoration to be enjoyed on the road again as the rarest of examples this breed of rare cars from the start has to offer.

    I get the idea you're looking to jump into something turn key? A point of interest about these cars is that most are held by people who've approached them from a low budget perspective. So despite their rising popularity in an incredible yet sudden growth market, their show quality is also of that same perspective. An investor/ collector perspective will look at the end value in desirability in a rising market as well as that of current interests in simply riding the wave.
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